18 March 2008

.. okay then.. here we gO!! =)

hye there..
nothing much to say today..
juz to share with all of u what i had experienced last nite..
hehe.. to much P+E+R+A+S+A+N.. =)
became ad-hoc for the AKHIRAT premier show..

ni gmbr after the premier show..
see my face..
so tired laa..
i need some sleep..
owh bantal..
owh katil..
where are you?
i'm luvin' u too much!!
i'm totally sleepy..
but, i'm happy coz i've dOne my jOb..
at last, i got my salary..
hehe.. =)

lets me introduced her..
u noe her very well rite?
she's nabila huda..
a daughter of Amy SEARCH..
i used to like her coz she's so manja..
comel n very nice person..
biasa laa.. artis have to b nice rite?
she's actually not toO "tinggi" as we always see, but wearing the high heel make her "kerendangan" go better..
but nway, she's so coMeL!!

AKHIRAT.. the movie of her.. =)
she's nice..
can we imagine hows people strike for the AIDS?
owh.. tawakkal to Allah SWT..
to much things to handle it rite?
anyway.. dia 'menghidupkan' jalan cerita..
from happy to sad.. huhu..

his 'garau' voice make me dupdapdupdap..
hehe.. =)
he's aktor utama AKHIRAT the movie..

hehe.. so nice la u shidee..
we are happy to know u last nite..
to talk with u..
to share the jokes..
he's not an actor in this movie..
juz accompanied his 'comel' wife..
looks like sopan je..
caya la u shidee..

ouch! Please =P

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