14 May 2008

>> tips kurangkan kebOsanan..

Are u smiling?
>> yurp! I’m smiling rite nOw.. =)

When was the last time u met someone new?
>> I met sumOne new everyday..

What is irritating u now?
>> sakit tekak + got headache plak...

When did u last eat pizza?
>> dah lame xmkn pizza.. hehe.. ari ni kuar p mkn pizza pn best jgk kan? =p

Did u drink beer last night?
>> Watpe minum beer? Root beer minum arr! Huhu..

Are u good at poker?
>> kind of.. hehehe

Are u tired?
>> ermm.. ye la kut! Sakit tekak ni cam nk demam jek..

Last spoken words u heard?
>> masa nk tido semalam.. housemate ckp “zat, lampu dapur nk tutup ke?”

Have u ever kissed anyone named John?
>> setakat ni bLom lg.. knape? JOHN tu famous ke? huhu

Besides ur bed, what is ur favourite thing in ur room?
>> wOod wardrobe form my mama & the bigger cermin tilik.. hehe

Pepsi or Coke?
>> ntah.. nak dua2 bley?

Did u ever throw up?
>> urhh.. semua org dr baby pon camtu.. x gitu? hehe

Did u ever throw up while kissing someone?
>> xpenah lg stakat nie.. xbaik tau.. cian die..

Do u enjoy piercings and tattoos?
>> just enjoying my ears piercing.. tattoo x la kot.. watpe? Nk amik wuduk pn xlps… =)

Taco Bell or McDonald's?
>> of course McDonald’s

Are u restless?
>> nOpe.. maybe after my convocation day kut.. =)

Is ur computer a laptop?
>> yurp.. my sweety laptop..

Are u allowed to stay up later than 10pm on a weeknight?
>> huhu.. I am 22 years old now.. so what?

Do u believe dreams come true?
>> ermm.. ye kot.. apepn, berdoa kpd Allah swt tu penting.. =)

Last song u heard?
>> lagu Hindustan.. hehe.. Mujhse Shaadi Karogi..

Do u like.. Batman?
>> yes.. nak naik kete ngn die

Who is in the room with u?
>> i.m alone.. housemates pergi ke angkasa.. hehe

What are u wearing on ur feet?
>> x wearing pape pn..

What was the last thing u ate?
>> char kuew tiaw with my housemate pkul 1 pg.. hehe

What were u doing before this?
>> jerang air byk2 since my roommate semua dh nk balik..
tekak pn sakit, kene byk minum plain water laa..

What is the closest item that is blue?
>> my sikat rambut kot.. my secret bOok.. =p

What instant messaging service do u use?
>> Yahoo Messenger, phone sms..

Whose house did u go to last night?
>> restoren mamak.. bkn house ye.. hehe

What do u wear more, jeans or sweatpants?
>> jeans..

What is the last movie u watched?
>> Evolusi KL Drift.. dh lame x p tgk wayang.. uhuh!

What do u currently hear right now?
>> car sound outside my house.. ee..

When did u last buy a new pair of pants?
>> last 3 month.. d sunway pyramid.. hehe

When did u last take a shower?
>> nk pergi mandi la ni.. saje nk pecahkn rahsia aku.. =)

Have u ever heard of the band Soul Fly?
>> penah kut.. dulu2 dlm PUTRA..

Where is ur mom?
>> she’s in her ofis.. today is Wednesday, so mybe tgh on air kut! Selamat pg Kelantan!

Where do u sleep?
>> on my bed la.. xkn katil org len plak.. hehe

Where do u shop the most?
>> kalau kat Kelantan, byk dekat KBMall laa.. kat cni, kat umah je kot..

Are u happy with where u are?
>> of course la.. I’m happy for being me.. wherever I go I kene happy laa..

Would u ever take someone back if they cheated on u?
>> dun know.. love is bLind!!

Have u ever talked about marriage with someone before?
>> yerp! Umur dh lanjut.. hehehe.. =)

ouch! Please =P

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