11 June 2008

22 and.. i'm still young..

i'm sick..
duhh.. its been a while since my last blog post.. not just that i'm busy with my daily routines but i am pretty tired.. too many things happened for this few days.. i am SICK! but don't worry dear.. i am finally back!! i'm seeing everything in a new light..

..towards a better me...

start from today onwards, there are a few changes and improvement need to be done to my life, body and mind..
these past few days i keep whining about my day..
actually this is my first entry after my bad day..
hope its a start for days to come..

22 and young...

2nd June...i turned to 22 years old..
guess i'm not that young like i used to be..
hahaha.. =p
but that does not make me old either..
i wished this age brings me all the happiness, health, maturity and unconditional love..

ouch! Please =P

Assalam. 24 Oktober 2017 - Selasa So remember me, i will remember you.