02 June 2008

it's my day..

hye n salam..
thanx to all my friends for the birthday wishes last night..
million thanx goes to B hairulnizam, ain, shawani, liyana, lieyna, roslin, amri n saliza..

today i'm too busy in order to complete my pakcik sepupu's wedding day ( sambut menantu )
i have to make some items - foods for presentation and ambil2 gambar together with pengantin..
waa.. it's hard to me coz i have no money to buy any ingredients!
ermm.. want to PAU my autie's money.. hehe.. jahat!
but i was lucky coz my mother leave her car to me.. hehe.. senang la sket nk g melancong! huu..

waa.. i got to go..
my makcik called me at 7 a.m but i'm still here..
sorry.. i'm coming..
penat sehh nk kene p beli barang sorang2..

to all, enjoy ur day!

see u again if i'm free..

p/s: tomorrow i'll be at kota bharu..
so many kerja have to settle down..

ouch! Please =P

Assalam. 24 Oktober 2017 - Selasa So remember me, i will remember you.