26 July 2008

UP :: miss aisyabOo.. 2

fudge-type icing ::
normally icing ni heavy n rich. may be flavored wit a variety of ingredients n are used on cupcakes, layer cakes, loaf cakes, sheet cakes..

recipe :: white fudge icing (vanilla flavored)


125 ml water
60 gram butter
60 gram shortening (emulsified :: kat kedai available in small packet)
45 gram corn syrup
2 gram salt
1000 gram confectioner's sugar
8 ml vanilla extract

procedure ::

1 - place water + butter + shortening + syrup + salt in a saucepan. bring to a boil.

2 - sift the sugar and then add into mixer bowl..

3 - using the paddle (jgn guna whisk) with machine running slowly (kuasa rendah), add in the boiling mixture and beat until smooth.. the more icing is mixed, the lighter it will become..

4 - add in the vanilla. blend.

5 - use while they are still warm.. (rewarm in a double boiler). kalau dia terlalu keras, u can thin with hot water then whisk until combine together..

6 - if u nak ade rasa lain, u can add any flavor u like.. =)

ouch! Please =P

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