26 July 2008

UP :: miss aisyabOo.. 1

buttercream :

-- this icing for many kinds of cake.. they are easily flavored n colored..

ingredients ::

250 gram sugar
60 ml water
90 gram egg yolks
300 gram butter (softened, cut in a small pieces : suhu bilik)
4 ml vanilla extract

procedures ::

1 - combine sugar and water in a saucepan. bring to a boil n stirring until sugar dissolve.
continue until jadi syrup until they reach 115'C point.. gelegak giler2 ok.. hehe

2 - while syrup boiling, beat egg yolks (telur kuning) using mixer until they are thick and light.
gunakan kuasa paling tinggi.. kalau nak dia jd gebu laaa...

3 - as soon as the syrup reaches the point, slowly pour the syrup into the beaten egg yolks and whipping constantly until finish.

4 - continue to beat until the mixture completely cool and the egg yolks are VERY thick and light..

5 - whip in the butter a little at a time. beat. add in vanilla. beat again. until naik gebu.

6 - if the icing is too soft, refrigerate until firm enough to spread..

7 - kalau bOo nak ade rase or kaler, bole la add.. its up to you..

-- that is all..

selamat mencuba..

ouch! Please =P

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