27 October 2008

sangat boring stadi... ;(

Are u smiling?
++ yerp! i'm smiling rite now.. ;) why asking me haa? haha...

When was the last time u met someone new?
++ someone new? erm.. last 2 nite.. not new at all.. hehe ;)

What is irritating u now?
++ stomach pain.. huhu.. sakit yang amat.. ;(

When did u last eat pizza?
++ waa.. long time no eat them.. masa kuar ngan adik no 3 p KBMall.. hehe.. mau makan PIZZA HUT!!!

Did u drink beer last night?
++ nOpe! what for? root beer pon dah lama x minum.. beshnye... ;p

Are u good at poker?
++ not really.. i'm not.. hehe..

Are u tired?
++ erm.. by this time, nope!! badan penat coz study saje.. ;)

Last spoken words u heard?
++ luv u my dear sayang.. dear God, i hope she always next to me..( tau kan dari sape?) hehehe... ;) sayang dia.. ;p

Have u ever kissed anyone named John?
++ nope.. sape john tue?

Besides ur bed, what is ur favourite thing in ur room?
++ wOod wardrobe form my mama & the bigger cermin tilik.. hehe ;p

Pepsi or Coke?
++ i prefer pepsi ;)

Did u ever throw up while kissing someone?
++ never! huhu..

Do u enjoy piercings and tattoos?
++ just enjoying my ears piercing.. tattoo x la kot..

Taco Bell or McDonald's?
++ of course McDonald’s

Are u restless?
++ nope.. maybe after my last paper.. insyaAllah.. ;0

Is ur computer a laptop?
++ yurp.. my sweety laptop..

Are u allowed to stay up later than 10pm on a weeknight?
++ huhu.. I am 22 years old now.. so what? but i have to be alert.. ;p

Do u believe dreams come true?
++ ermm.. ye kot.. apepun, berdoa kpd Allah swt tu penting.. =)

Last song u heard?
++ all i ever wanted by basshunter.. best lagu tu.. ;)

Do u like.. Batman?
++ erm.. i like his black car.. kui3~~

Who is in the room with u?
++ my housemates.. since they're struggling for the first paper.. ;)

What are u wearing on ur feet?
++ nothing.. silap bawak selipar dalam rumah p kuar makan.. aduhai.. tersilap plak..

What was the last thing u ate?
++ mee hoon soup at Ani sup utara.. x habes.. ;(

What were u doing before this?
++ just doing some notes.. hehe.. not remember them yet.. alamak! sehari aje lagi.. takutnya.. ;(

What is the closest item that is blue?
++my secret book.. huhu ;p

What instant messaging service do u use?
++ Yahoo Messenger, phone sms..

Whose house did u go to last night?
++ house of mine.. RBS with housemate.. ;)

What do u wear more, jeans or sweatpants?
++ jeans of course..

What is the last movie u watched?
++ Evolusi KL Drift.. dh lame x p tgk wayang.. uhuh!

What do u currently hear right now?
++ my housemate's voice.. since she's sad.. hoho.. pity of her.. ;)

When did u last buy a new pair of pants?
++ erm.. masa nak raya ari tu.. kat LENO...

When did u last take a shower?
++ this morning..

Have u ever heard of the band Soul Fly?
++ pernah.. dalam Putra dulu-dulu.. ;)

Where is ur mom?
++ in my sweety home.. ari ni kan deepavali.. so off la.. ;)

Where do u sleep?
++ on my bed la.. xkan katil org len plak.. hehe

Where do u shop the most?
++ kalau kat Kelantan, byk dekat KBMall laa.. kat cni, kat area umah je kot..

Are u happy with where u are?
++ of course la.. I’m happy for being me.. wherever I go I must be happy laa..

Would u ever take someone back if they cheated on u?
++ i dun know.. love is bLind!! hoo.. may i? erm.. insyaAllah.. i'm not a perfect human.. ;) juz let them go one by one.. ;)

Have u ever talked about marriage with someone before?
++ huhu.. ini soklan paling best nak jawab.. OF COURSE laaa... when talking bout marriage, i'm the first person who like to talk a lot!! hahaha.. gatai... ;)

ouch! Please =P

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