13 March 2009

dan dia CINTA SESAATku.. (:

It must have made you so sad
To know that I was in love again
You saw the days that we had
Just wasn't good enough for you
When I gave you my world
You turn around and you hurt me tell me why..

Thought that she was my girl
I guess that they have seen the same

I was the one that gave you my heart
How did you turn around and play these games
No baby don't you cry look in my eyes
How did u feel when u gave my love away...

Now that I'm doing better, moving on with my life
You want to try to come around just to see you own it
You say you make me better, but all you do is lie
Cause every night you gone been creeping with another man

I don't want to be there waiting every night
Wondering if you are with another guy
If I was stick with you all my love again
You would only turn around leave me lonely

ouch! Please =P

Assalam. 24 Oktober 2017 - Selasa So remember me, i will remember you.